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SU:M37° Sun Away Cooling Sun CC SPF50+/PA+++

SU:M37° Sun Away Cooling Sun CC SPF50+/PA+++

Artikel-Nr.: S3-1700-0
This cooling sunblock for touch-up lowers the skin
temperature and provide a fabulous coverage the moment
is applied
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CHF 65.50
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SU:M37° Sun Away Cooling Sun CC SPF50+/PA+++, 15g  plus 1x Refills (15g)

  • Instantly upon application, Sun CC soothes the sun-stressed skin with the filling-up moisture and a cooling touch, and provides natural gorgeous skin tone to the skin.
  • This is for customers who want the quick one-step makeup in the busy morning or for correcting makeup, at any time and any place.
  • 6 kinds of benefit at a time - UV blocking, whitening, wrinkle-reducing, cooling, covering, and moisturizing
  • An icing metal board has been applied to the container for customers who felt unpleasant whenever putting on tepid foundation