Deep sea nourishment

This is probably one of the most Instagrammable sheet masks ever ; ) – so may we introduce: organic Korean beauty brand WHAMISA's Real Kelp Sheet Mask!

This dark-green face mask is made from actual sheets of kelp which are soaked in a super hydrating essence. This was one of WHAMISA's very first sheet masks and it's become one of the brand's enduring bestsellers.

In 2017 the Real Kelp Sheet Mask even won the Best New Product Award at organic beauty trade show Vivaness in Nuremberg.

The face mask is made from a thick layer of actual sea kelp- and yes, it does smell a little bit like you're walking along a beach ; )

This kelp is not the kind of seaweed that is used in sushi, by the way. No, the sea kelp in the WHAMISA face mask is a type of brown algae  (laminaria japonica, to be exact)  that grows in large swathes in shallow ocean waters.

The sheets of nori seaweed that are wrapped around maki sushi, on the other hand, are mostly made from red algae. Kelp is widely used in Japanese cuisine, especially in soups and stews but also in condiments and seasonings.

Because kelp is naturally packed with over 30 vitamins, enzymes and minerals (like potassium, magnesium, zinc, copper or  calcium) it is considered a type of superfood.

It is also a highly popular ingredients in cosmetics. And here is where we circle back to WHAMISA's kelp mask! The kelp material itself is already a powerhouse of nutrients – and in the case of the Real Kelp Mask, the kelp sheets have been soaked in a highly concentrated and super hydrating essence.

The essence is based on kelp and aloe vera leaf, fermented chlorella and aloe vera extracts, wild yam root extract, fenugreek extract, saw palmetto extract and centella asiatica extract, moisturising argan, camellia and hazelnut oils;  the formula even contains royal jelly! Like practically all WHAMISA products, the essence is water-free so you get the highest possible level of hydrating, nourishing, strengthening and smoothing skin care ingredients.

When you take the mask out of the packaging be very careful to accidentally pierce the kelp material with your finger nails. The mask is divided into two parts.

Because the kelp material is a little stiffer than normal sheet masks it doesn't cling to the face contours as thoroughly as WHAMISA's hydrogel masks. The best way is to place the mask on your face and then lie down on your back – that way, the kelp sheet can't slide off your face.

Close your eyes for a bit and breathe in the scent of the sea – and if you doze off for a bit, so much the better 😉

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