Double Cleansing for normal to dry skin

You've probably heard of "Double Cleansing", right? It's a traditional Asian two-step cleansing ritual which is usually associated with Korean beauty brands.

However, women in Japan as well as Korea like to use more than one product to cleanse their skin – in fact, Double Cleansing is quite common in East Asia, especially in countries (and cities) with high levels of air pollution.

Now this popular face cleansing routine has arrived here in Europe. And all of a sudden every beauty magazine is talking about how wonderful Double Cleansing is for your face ; )

But perhaps you're not entirely certain what Double Cleansing actually IS and what type of products you should use for your skin?

In this blog post we are showing you a Double Cleansing routine for dry skin using two products from organic Korean brand WHAMISA: the Organic Flowers Cleansing Oil and the Organic Flowers Cleansing Cream.

As the name indicates "Double Cleansing" means using two consecutive products to cleanse your face. The routine will usually start with a cleansing oil followed by a water-based cleanser such as soap, gel or foam.

The first cleansing step removes makeup, dirt and sebum – basically all the gunk that is sitting on the surface of your skin at the end of the day – while the second product cleanses away the last traces of the cleansing oil and any impurities that might still be embedded in your skin.

And because the oil acts as a hydrating shield, the second water-based cleanser won't strip your skin of moisture. The result: super clean skin that is soft and hydrated and perfectly prepped for the next step in your skin care routine.

And here is a great Double Cleansing routine for dry skin!


Step 1:

For the first cleansing step we're using WHAMISA's Cleansing Oil.

This silky cleansing oil is based on hazelnut seed oil. You use it on dry skin: pump a small amount of the Cleansing Oil into your hands and massage it gently into the face. The splash your face with lukewarm water and massage the skin with your wet hands; this will help emulsify the oil and it will rinse off cleanly, taking makeup and dirt with it.

The Cleansing oil is particularly good if you tend to wear heavy or water-resistant foundations and/or eye makeup. Oil removes oil-based products much more efficiently (and so much more gently!) than a surfactant-based cleanser and water.


Step 2:

The second cleansing product is this routine is WHAMISA's Cleansing Cream. This is a very soft and moisturising cleansing foam which is based on aloe vera leaf extract and rice extract. Use the Cleansing Cream on wet skin, directly after you've rinsed off the Cleansing Oil.

Distribute 1-2 pumps of the foam into your wet hand and massage it into the face, paying special attention to the area around your nose and along your hair line. Then rinse off the foam with lukewarm, gently pat your face dry with a soft towel (no rubbing, please!) and you're done!

Many women like to do Double Cleansing at night time, as part of their evening skin care routine; some prefer to double cleanse mornings AND evenings, others only do a Double Cleanse every once in a while (when they've worn heavy makeup, for example).

It really is a matter of personal preference. Learn how to listen to your skin ; )

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Double Cleansing for normal to dry skin

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