Layering your toner: The 7-Skin Method

This Korean beauty ritual is great way of adding some serious hydration to your daily skin care routine. It is super easy to do, you only need one product and the effect is visible immediately. Sounds too good to be true? We promise you it's not ; )

In this blog post we'll show you how to do the 7-Skin Method with Korean beauty brand WHAMISA's three toners: Organic Flowers Deep Rich Toner, Organic Flowers Original Toner and Organic Flowers Refresh Toner.

A bit of background info: The English term " 7-Skin Method" is a very loose translation from the Korean (in the Korean language the words for "skin" and "toner" are almost identical) and describes a skin care regimen where you apply seven consecutive layers of hydrating toner.

And this is how you do it: You start off with freshly cleansed skin. Take the toner of choice, pour a bit of it into your hands and pat the liquid onto your face. Wait a couple of minutes until the first layer of toner has been absorbed into your skin, then apply a second layer. Wait for a few minutes and apply a third layer. And so on!

The brilliant thing about the 7-Skin Method is that it is suitable for any skin type, from dehydrated skin over normal and combination skin all the way to oily skin. You can do this skin care routine with any hydrating toner or hydrosol. However, the more moisturising your toner is, the quicker you'll see the results on your skin.

And our absolute favourite products for the 7-Skin Method are the WHAMISA toners. There are three different variants for different types of skin.

The Deep Rich Toner (one of WHAMISA's international bestsellers) is the most hydrating toner in the range. It is based on organic aloe vera leaf extract, fermented galactomyces extract, chrysanthemum extract, avocado oil and argan oil. The texture is thick and serum-like so it's a great choice for dry and dehydrated skin.

If you have normal or slightly dry skin, try the Original Toner. It is based on aloe vera leaf extract but also contains cucumber extract, fermented galactomyces extract, chrysanthemum extract, green tea extract and rice extract. Because the Original Toner doesn't include plant oils it has a lighter texture (although it is still very moisturising!).

And if you have combination or oily skin, try WHAMISA's Refresh Toner. This is the brand's lightest toner and the formula is ideal for oilier skin types. The Refresh provides lasting hydration without weighing skin down which is exactly what you need when your skin produces a lot of sebum or it is prone to breakouts.

Do the 7-Skin Method once a day and you will see an improvement in your skin tone immediately. Your skin will be visibly plumper (it will look and feel much smoother and more plush!) which means that fine lines will be much less obvious.

If you like you can finish the 7-Skin Method routine with a touch of face cream or face oil which will really lock the moisture into your skin.

Happy layering ; )

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Layering your toner: The 7-Skin Method