Starter Set: A skin care routine for combination to oily skin

Combination and oily skin can sometimes feel like a bit of a challenge - after all, technically you'd need products that are moisturising and drying at the same time! - but don't despair, Korean beauty is coming to the rescue!

In this article we're showing you an easy skin care routine for combination to oily skin using the Grow Tea Tree Essence and Grow Tea Tree Cream from Korean brand Leegeehaam (LGH) and the Original Flowers Sebum Treatment from organic brand WHAMISA.

Combination skin is exactly what it sounds like: a skin type that combines more than one skin condition. Usually combination skin features oily/greasy skin on the T-Zone (forehead, nose and chin) and dry and/or tight patches on the cheeks.

This means that we need to do is the following: balance out the areas of the face that produce too much sebum (thus accounting for the oiliness/shine and clogged pores which result in impurities/pimples) whilst moisturising the dry, tight skin on your cheeks with a good balance of hydration and lipids.

As always, we're starting with clean skin - check out our article on Double Cleansing - here.

Step 1:

The first skin care step is to apply a layer of Leegeehaam's Grow Tea Tree Essence.

This is a clear, watery essence which is based on 90% Australian tea tree oil. Tea tree oil has antibacterial properties - so it's great for skin that is prone to impurities or blemishes - but is also soothes irritated skin.

The Tea Tree Essence is suitable for all skin types, even if you have sensitive combination or sensitive oily skin. Use the dropper to squeeze 1-2  pumps of the essence into your hands and gently press the liquid into the skin.

Wait for a few minutes until the essence has been absorbed and then move on to the second step.




Step 2:

Now we'll be using a light-weight moisturiser because even oily skin patches need hydration!

Depending on your preference you can apply WHAMISA's Sebum Treatment - this would be a good choice for combination skin - or use Leegeehaam's Grow Tea Tree Cream if your skin veers more towards oiliness.

The Sebum Treatment has a liquid and very light texture but still delivers intense hydration. It is based on aloe vera leaf extract and also contains apple fruit extract, camellia seed oil, yuzu fruit extract and liquorice root extract. The moisturiser mattifies the oily T-Zone whilst moisturising the drier skin on your cheek.

If your skin is oily, try out the Grow Tea Tree Cream which contains 80% tea tree leaf extract as well as tea tree oil and soothing panthenol. The texture of this moisturiser is light and fresh and it is absorbed into the skin almost immediately.

And that's it, your skin care routine is finished!

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Starter Set: A skin care routine for combination skin

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