Starter Set: A skin care routine for dry skin

In this post we'll show you a skin care routine for dry skin with products from Korean brand WHAMISA, featuring the Organic Flowers Deep Rich Toner, the Organic Flowers Double Rich Lotion and the Organic Flowers Water Cream or, alternatively, the Organic Flowers Nourishing Cream.

Every skin care routine should start with clean skin! Cleanse your skin with the products of your choice - for example by Double Cleansing - and gently pat it dry with a towel.

Step 1:

Let's begin with the first moisturising step - applying a layer of WHAMISA's Deep Rich Toner.

This ultra-moisturising toner is ideal for dry skin; it is based on aloe vera leaf juice and fermented galactomyces extract, with a thick gel texture that feels like a serum.

Pour a bit of the toner into your hands and gently press it into the skin with the palms of your hands. Wait a few minutes and then apply another layers. Repeat this step as often as you like (check out our article about the 7-Skin Method.)



Step 2:

Now that we've supplied the skin with a layer of intensive hydration it is time for the second step -  WHAMISA's Double Rich Lotion.

This lotion is a liquid moisturiser which – despite its light texture - packs a serious moisturising punch: it is based on aloe vera leaf juice, followed by olive oil and shea butter as well as argan oil and jojoba oil. In addition to these plant oils the moisturiser contains all sorts of hydrating fermented herbal extracts so you get a great blend of hydration and lipids.

Massage 1-2 pumps of the Double Rich Lotion into your skin and wait for a few minutes until the moisturiser has sunk in.




Step 3:

Apply the WHAMISA Water Cream or, if your skin feels like it wants a richer moisturiser, WHAMISA's Nourishing Cream. The Water Cream has a light, fresh texture and focuses more on hydrating ingredients (aloe vera juice, herbal extract) than lipids (plant oils).

The Nourishing Cream offers lipid-rich skin care rather than hydration. Based on aloe vera leaf extract this thick yet supple moisturiser contains protective beeswax as second ingredient, followed by mango butter, cocoa butter and avocado butter. Despite the many rich ingredients the texture of the Nourishing Cream is very pleasant; it won't sit heavily on your skin.

The beeswax and plant butters also have a certain occlusive effect on the skin. This means that they prevent the hydrating layers that you applied (like the Deep Rich Toner) from evaporating; they lock the moisture into the skin.



(Optional) Step 4:

There is one additional product which you can include in your skin care routine if you feel like it (when it is cold, for example, or your skin needs an extra dose of lipids): WHAMISA's Organic Flowers Facial Oil.

This is an oil blend based on argan oil, camellia seed oil, olive oil, hazelnut oil, jojoba oil, carrot seed oil and evening primrose oil as well as various fermented and non-fermented herbal extracts.

The Facial Oil is multifunctional: use it as final moisturising layer in your skin care routine (warm the oil in your hands first and then massage it into the skin) or blend a few drops of the Facial Oil with the Double Rich Lotion or the Water Cream.

And if you're really strapped  for time you can even mix the Facial Oil with the Deep Rich Toner: simply pour a small amount of each product into the palm of your hand, quickly rub your hands together and then massage the toner/oil mixture into your face: hydration and lipids in their purest form!


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