Starter Set: A skin care routine for normal skin

If you have "normal skin" you're pretty lucky because this is basically everyone's skin care goal ; )

However, even if your skin type is normal – i.e. you don't have any skin concerns – you need to take care of your skin so it stays that way!
In this article we'll show you a great routine for normal skin with products from organic Korean beauty brand WHAMISA, featuring the Organic Flowers Toner Original, the Organic Flower Lotion Original and the Organic Flowers Water Cream.

Every skin care routine should start with clean skin! Cleanse your skin with the products of your choice - for example by Double Cleansing - and gently pat it dry with a towel.

Step 1:

And here comes the first moisturising skin care step - adding an oil-free layer of pure hydration with WHAMISA's Original Toner. This toner is based on aloe vera leaf extract and cucumber extract as well as fermented galactomyces extract, green tea extract and rice extract.

It is very moisturising but not too heavy so it's ideal for normal skin. Pour a bit of the toner into your hands and press it into your face with the palms of your hands. Wait for a few minutes until the liquid has been absorbed into the skin.

Step 2:

Now your skin is hydrated and prepped for the second skin care step - WHAMISA's Original Lotion.
This is a liquid face moisturiser which is based on aloe vera leaf extract, hazelnut seed oil, shea butter and olive oil.

These three plant-based oils are all light-textured and won't overburden your skin with too many lipids. Massage 1-2 pumps of lotions into your skin and wait for a few minutes until the lotion has been absorbed.

Step 3:

The third (and final) moisturising layer - WHAMISA's Water Cream. This cream is more moisturising than the Original Lotion and although it is slightly thicker in terms of texture, it is still feels very light and fresh on the skin.

The Water Cream is based on moisturising rice extract followed by aloe vera leaf extract, antioxidant carrot seed oil and olive oil. These ingredients offer light-weight hydration and just the right amount of lipids (oils) to keep normal skin nourished and happy.

And that's it!

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Starter Set: A skin care routine for normal skin

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