Super-charge your mask

Korean sheet masks and hydrogel masks are becoming very popular here in Europe – and that doesn't come as a surprise really: the essence-soaked cloth masks and jelly-like hydrogel masks saturate the skin with pure and undiluted moisture.

Hydrogel masks in particular lock the active ingredients of the mask essence into the skin because they mold so well to the facial contours. They also have cooling effect  which further tightens the skin

But did you know that you can easily boost the skin care effect of a hydrogel mask by adding a few more products to your masking routine? It's really easy and believe us, you'll immediately see the difference!

In this blog post we're showing you a luxurious face masking ritual with products from organic Korean beauty brand WHAMISA.

In this face masking routine we'll be using three WHAMISA products: the Organic Flowers Peeling Finger Mitts, the Organic Flowers Facial Mist and the Hydrogel Mask.

Let's start by prepping the skin so it can receive the full benefits of the hydrogel mask! Cleanse your skin thoroughly – Double Cleansing or single cleanse, it's your choice – and gently pat the skin dry.

Then you take one of the Peeling Mitts and slip it over two fingers.

The Peeling Finger Mitts are one of WHAMISA's newest launches and they've already become an international bestseller: round cottonwool pads which are saturated with a mild fruit-based peeling liquid.

Use the moist cotton pad to gently massage your (dry) face, paying special attention to your T-Zone. Lacto-fermented extracts of dandelion root, chrysanthemum and molasses sugar are combined with hydrating hyaluronic acid and aloe vera leaf extract to gently exfoliate the skin, removing impurities, dead skin cells, dirt and sebum.

You can choose between three different variants: the (pink) Organic Flowers Mitts are suitable for all skin types including dry skin; (brown) Organic Seeds Mitts help to refine pores so are ideal for combination to oily skin and the (green) Organic Fruits Mitts balance sebum production so they are a good choice for normal to combination skin.

After you've buffed your skin with the peeling mitts, leave the last traces of the liquid on your skin for an additional ten minutes or so and then rinse your face with lukewarm water.

Pat the skin dry and you're ready for the second masking step: spray your face with WHAMISA's Original Flowers Damask Rose Petal Mist or the Original Flowers Olive Leaf Face Mist and gently press the toner into your skin.

The Rose Petal Mist is based on hydrating and soothing aloe vera leaf extract and damask rose extract so it is particularly good for normal to combination skin types. If you have normal to dry skin try the Olive Leaf Mist which contains antioxidant olive leaf extract.

Wait for a few minutes until the Face Mist has been absorbed into your skin. And now it is time for one of WHAMISA's hydrogel masks!

Select the Hydrogel Mask of your choice – there are three variants: Organic Seeds, Organic Fruits and Organic Flowers – and take the two parts of the thick jelly-like mask out of the pack. Be careful not to tear the hydrogel material with your finger nails!

Place the upper and lower parts of the mask on your face and press it onto the skin. Relax for 20-25 minutes with a good book (or in front of Netflix ; )) and then remove the hydrogel mask. Any remaining essence liquid can be gently patted into the skin.

Your skin will be beautifully smooth, cool and plumped up because the hydrogel mask amplifies the effect of any toner or face mist you apply underneath it.

You can do this face masking routine at any time during the day, if you like, but your skin will derive the greatest benefits if you do it at night time, just before going to bed.

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